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Apparel orders over $100 receive free shipping on the apparel! Click for details.

The Ultimate Santana: His All Time Greatest Hits (CD) - Santana

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ULTIMATE Santana is the first ever career-spanning celebration of the artists and his music, from the groundbreaking early years through the continueally explosive Arista years. New hits featuring speical guests Chad Kroeger, Tina Turner, and other suprise guests make this a must-have collection for any music-lover. His is an unparalleled, contunuing success story, told fully here on one CD.

Track List

  1. Into the Night (Featuring Chad Kroeger) - Previously Unreleased
  2. This Boy's Fire (Feat. Jennifer Lopez and Baby Bash) - Previously Unreleased
  3. Smooth(W/Rob Thomas) - from Supernatural (Released June 1999)
  4. Maria Maria(W/Product G;B) - from Supernatural (Released June 1999)
  5. Oye Como Va- from Abraxas (Released Sept. 1970)
  6. Black Magic Woman- from Abraxas (Released Sept. 1970)
  7. Evil Ways- from Santana (Released Aug. 1969)
  8. Corazon Espinado(W/Man- from Supernatural (Released June 1999)
  9. Europa - from Album Amigos (Released March 1976)
  10. The Game of Love (W/Tina Turner) - Previously Unreleased
  11. Put Your Lights On(W/Everlast) - from Supernatural (Released June 1999)
  12. Why Don't You ; I(W/Alex Band of the Calling) - (Single Released Internationally July 2003)
  13. Everybody's Everything- from Santana III (Released Sept. 1971)
  14. Just Feel Better(W/Steven Tyler) - from All That I Am (Released Nov. 2005)
  15. Samba Pa Ti- from Abraxas (Released Sept. 1970)
  16. No One to Depend on - from Santana III (Released Sept. 1971)
  17. The Game of Love(W/Michelle Branch) -From Shaman (Released Oct. 2002)
  18. Interplanetary Party- Previously Unreleased