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Swing the Most / Hear & Now (CD) - The Shirelles

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2009 installment in this series that restores the original Scepter and Pricewise vinyl albums by The Shirelles, in the same running order as issued plus bonus non-album flipsides. This release brings together two highly acclaimed, and very rare, albums that came out on Scepter's budget label, Pricewise, during a time that the group was in litigation with the company and refused to record any new songs. The Shirelles were the door openers for the girl group sound of the early '60s. Their strongest sides stand alongside the best of anything that splendid genre has to offer. Exquisitely remastered - and in stereo where stereo tapes still exist - this CD provides the definitive Shirelles collection for anyone who wants something more than the umpteenth rehash of their Greatest Hits. 23 tracks. Ace.

Track List

  1. What a Sweet Thing That Was
  2. Oh No Not My Baby
  3. Get Rid of Him
  4. His Lips Get in the Way
  5. That Boy Is Messin' Up My Mind
  6. Why Does Every Boy Remind Me of You
  7. Foolish Little Girl
  8. A Girl Is Not a Girl
  9. Please Go Away
  10. I Might Like It
  11. What Does a Girl Do
  12. Lonesome Native Girl
  13. Tonight You're Gonna Fall in Love with Me
  14. Maybe Tonight
  15. Make the Night a Little Longer
  16. Doomsday
  17. Sha-La-La
  18. Don't Say Goodnight and Mean Goodbye
  19. Lost Love
  20. Only Time Will Tell
  21. Hard Times
  22. The Gospel Truth
  23. Not for All the Money in the World