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Born For This Moment (Vinyl) - Chicago

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Chicago have announced that their new LP, Born for This Moment, will arrive on July 15. It marks the 38th studio album in the band's impressive 55 year career.

“I hope that, 55 years from now, listeners will actually feel something about our music and our lyrics," founding member Robert Lamm said in a statement. "I mean, we’re all human. We all go through some variation of the same pain and joy at some point in our lives, and there’s a commonality to that. I hope listeners in the future will actually get all those feelings while listening to our music.”

The current Chicago lineup includes three active original members: singer and keyboardist Lamm, trumpeter Loughnane and trombonist James Pankow. Other band members include Ray Herrmann on sax and flute, Wally Reyes, Jr. on drums, Neil Donell on vocals, Ramon "Ray" Yslas on percussion, Tony Obrohta on guitar, Loren Gold on keyboards and vocals, and Eric Baines on bass and vocals.


Tracks List

  1. Born for This Moment
  2. If This Is Goodbye
  3. Firecracker
  4. Someone Needed Me the Most
  5. Safer Harbours
  6. Our New York Time
  7. Make a Man Outta Me
  8. Crazy Idea
  9. You've Got to Believe
  10. For the Love
  11. She's Right
  12. House on the Hill
  13. If This Isn't Love
  14. "The Mermaid" Sereia Do Mar
  15. Side B